3 Skype fails: 5 of the worst problems and how to fix them

Skype is a wonderful communication application and works on various platforms of computer OS and mobile OS. Sometimes it goes out of control and difficult to handle. We have listed those 5 worst problems and their best fixes.


4th September’ 2017: Skype is a complete communication application; it has instant messaging, voice calling, video calling, conference calling, group calling and file sharing too. It is available for various operating systems and platforms; you can use it on your desktop, laptop, mobile phone and tablet too.


Skype users have the ease of use and they are satisfied with it. Still, it has some issues with it. We are discussing the worst problems and their solution; you might get solution of your concern.

1.Skype can’t seem to find my webcam, speakers, or microphone

Skype is useless when it is not properly connected with webcam, speaker or microphone because Skype is your communication application. Skype can be used for instant messaging, voice call or video call and what not. You can use this troubleshooting tricks as following this Tools > Options. Then click on Audio Settings, then Show advanced options. You should also check your hardware too, if there is some issues with it then get a working device.

2.Call quality is an issue; what to do

The video calls, voice call, conference calls or group calls; all are the features of Skype. When calls is not clear or call quality is poor then what is the point. In such case, you should check your internet connection. This is the first thing you should try. You can also try updating your Skype app and also check your audio device for better quality.


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3.  Skype replaces phone numbers in your web browser with annoying ‘Click to Call’ buttons

This is really annoying when your phone number turned to be annoying Click to Call button. You can get rid of with it after installing Click to Call button from Windows Control Panel. You can also check if any such add-on is installed on your browser. You can also deactivate it using Tools > Options > Advanced and uncheck it.

4.Unused Skype credits vanish after a period if they aren’t used

If you make calls from Skype using your Skype calls and you are not able to consume all the credits which are unused. You need to understand that all the unused credits for up to next 180 days will be vanished. Still, you have an option to keep these credits preserve using the Reactivate credit alternative.

5. Skype erupts with noisy notifications for everything

Skype keeps you updated with all the activities and updates in it. These will come to you as notifications and on-screen updates. Sometimes it annoys; this keeps disturbing you in middle of something. You can deactivate such notifications by following Tools > Options > Notifications > Notification settings.

 If needed then you can call on Skype customer help toll free phone number.

Description – Skype is a popular application to use all sort of communication needs and it has amazing features and it is easy to use. Sometimes technical glitches are really frustrating; well, we have found the worst 5 problems and their quick fixes.



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